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Still Vibin’

After attending Mauie the King Jr’s, video release for “Vibe”, I had the pleasure of being able to sit down with him and I kid you not, he is one of my favorite people to talk to. In the span of that hour at Starbucks on Cascade, I learned about what he does to get his music mojo flowing, his favorite snacks, and he even taught me the musical history of Atlanta in five minutes.

Mauie is born and raised in Atlanta and got his start into music by being around his family. His grandma was apart of the super group Arrested Development and his uncle was apart of group, Dungeon Family. Everybody in his family just “did” music and around 13/14, with no direction, is when Mauie started to take it seriously. As someone who can play the piano by ear and produce, he didn’t find his vibe until he was about 21.

Inspired by funk music such as “Munchies for your love” by Boosie Collins, Mauie found his musical wavelength. Of course, his favorite artist is none other than, Andre 3000, and his favorite song is “A day in the life of Benjamin Andre”.

Image is more important to Mauie than anything. But how people feel about him isn’t as important to him as how people feel when they listen to his music. We discussed my love for gangsta rap and Mauie made a point that music adjust your feelings and can set your mood. He wants to give his listeners all of him whether it’s good or bad, but he wants to do it in a way where it is digestible.

Also, nerves are not something that gets the best of Mauie before a performance. He says that he used to but not anymore. Mauie said that he has failed so many times that he isn’t scared to fail again. He’s done over 1,000 performances and his favorite performance was MTK & Co. where it is him and he brings out his favorite artist. At this particular show he brought a group, Two-9, and they rocked the house.

Music is Mauie’s only obligation. A typical day for him is waking up, feeding his dog, listening to music, then music he likes, then he’ll listen to his own stuff. When he cultivates music, he sees a whole vision. With “Vibe”, he sampled “Vibrations” from The Love Below by Andre 3000 and during that process, he didn’t just see lyrics, he saw an entire extra terrestrial scenario. He also said he doesn’t write, he just goes to the booth.

In the midst of our interview, I didn’t want to just keep it all seriously music so, I asked our main man what his favorite snack was and it is *drumroll* Nature’s Valleys granola bar, which is definitely a survival snack. He also stated that if he could live anywhere in the world, it would be Cannes, because that’s where most celebrities vacation and they have the best fashion.

And of course, I did ask the age old question, “If you could take 3 things on an island, what would they be?” Only this time, I told Mauie 2 of those things had to be his songs. He said that he would take “For Life” which is and older song and 1 new song that hadn’t been released yet and a never dying iPod.

My favorite part of our sit down was I asked Mauie what was his favorite thing about himself and he said how uncomfortable he gets. Being comfortable breeds complacency and that is something that Mauie is not living for.

Lastly, one piece of advice that Mauie had for upcoming artist and something that I took for myself was that, if you’re just creative, get a job. Being an artist or musician needs hard work and determination. He also said that there is no reason to look to the left of you or to the right of you. People are always going to be in different positions but you can’t use that as your gag to success.

Mauie is by far one of the dopest minds I’ve ever had the chance to get inside of. Don’t forget to follow him on all social media, @MauieTheKingJr, and check out his new video “Vibe”, which I have provided the link down below.

Peace and Blessings



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