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Sky’s the Limit for Rising R&B Songstress Skye Verbs As She Gets Deep With New Single “The Depth”

There’s a new R&B star rising and her name is Skye Verbs. The Connecticut-born artist has been building a buzz in the industry with her silky vocals. In addition to being a talented songstress, she’s a trained pianist and soulful songwriter. The soul in her music comes from an authentic connection to all three gifts; learning how to play the piano as a child and using singing/songwriting as way to paint emotions with words in her adolescent years. A fan of hip-hop, she studied the culture to build her skills as a lyricist. Combining her talents with her love for hip-hop, Skye is clear about the substance she wants her music to stand for. Her project ‘Soul Food, Eye Candy’, tapped into all those feelings she began to write about as a child and resulted in a relatable, especially for women, and intimate body of work. She described it as “movement” and wanted women to feel sexy in any way the word applies to them.

Her new single, “The Depth” gives a mellow vibe while exploring relationship themes and requiring more than just the minimum in love. She uses the phrase “2016 love” to describe a love that is good but doesn’t compare to a “I can’t breathe love”; which exemplifies a deeper and more meaningful connection as song title suggests.  The song also shows a growth in Skye that leaves us excited for what’s to come. Get familiar with Skye Verbs, we know you’ll be hearing a lot more from her!

Check out Skye Verbs’ new single “In-Depth” streaming on Soundcloud and all platforms now.

Written by: @chrissydru_

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