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Riding Around the City of Harlem With Dipset | The New MVMT

All of Dipset took the media industry on a “Gentrificiation Tour” of Harlem that one won’t forget! The reunited Diplomats decided to take media trailblazers and tastemakers on a tour bus to host a unique listening experience while riding around Harlem. The four neighborhood friends turned rap mates have a new album dropping tomorrow and in observance of their return decided to give fans and the industry insight on what’s to come.

Jim Jones had the vision of #DipsetGentrification and with the help of the group and his team, was able to bring it to life. The maximized moment of it all wasn’t just the new music, but seeing Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Killa Cam (Cam’ron) and Freekey Zeekey all together again as a collective. The rap group has an affinity that effortlessly overshadows those of other label mates and groups in the past.

As if the upcoming LP “Diplomatic Ties” wasn’t exciting enough, riding on a double decker bus with Dipset as your tour guides, makes everything more lit! They took everyone on a stop-by-stop tour of their old stomping grounds.

The tour kicked off in Times Square making a stop at Harlem’s iconic uptown deli spot, Harlem Taste where the group bought everyone on the tour the infamous chopped cheese sandwiches. While there, Juelz talked about the influence that 110th St and 1st Ave have on the group. Another stop was the mural of one of the original members of the group, Bloodshed who tragically passed on March of ‘97 from a car accident. The ride made so many stops around Harlem and each one had its own significance. Throughout the tour they gave out merch, made for a unique listening part and showcased what a day in the life of Dipset really is like.

While riding through the city with the Diplomats they had influencers and fans listen to their new album on cordless headphones and it’s solid! Even though no matter what they put out now would be clutch considering they are one of New York’s iconic rap groups. The quality of the album from start to finish is exactly what hip-hop needs right now.

Following their Thanksgiving album release, Dipset will be performing at the Apollo on Black Friday. The show itself could easily be sold out on the strength of their classics. The legendary group has really built a legacy not only in Harlem but in hip-hop. As they continue to grow as legends in the industry one thing is for sure… fans are all on board for the ride! Make sure to give the album “Diplomatic Ties” a spin when it drops on November 22nd!


Written by: @MinneeTellsItAll

Check out some shots from the bus tour below.




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