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Behind the Music : Kaylanj

                  Maplewood, New Jersey songstress and songwriter, Kaylanj expresses her life through her music. As a songwriter, she depicts vivid pictures of her personal life and teaches lessons that resonate with people through melodies. One of her biggest accomplishments is releasing her EP, MIXED EMOTIONS. The journey of creating “MIXED EMOTIONS” had its pros and cons. Pros being able to work with people who believe and support her such as various artists and her team. Cons being not able to perform as much as an upcoming artist. Throughout her hardships of becoming an upcoming artist, she learns that music is her passion.

                  She recently released “Wild n Hurt” produced by Lexi Banks. The song ventilates about a woman realizing her worth in a one-way relationship. The details throughout “Wild n Hurt” are real life events that occurred in Kaylanj’s pervious relationship. It took her 2 days to complete the song. The lesson that is being taught is to know your self-worth and leave if effort and time is not being reciprocated.

                  Kaylanj’s motivation is to touch people’s lives through her music. The feeling of packing out a stadium while having people sing her songs verbatim is her drive to continue her development and goals as an artist. She is unstoppable when it comes to achieving her goals throughout her career. In 5 years, she sees herself as the top R&B artist with multiple Grammys and reconnecting with her acting which was held off to pursue her singing. This is only the beginning for Kaylanj in the music industry ! “Go Big or Go Home” as her mother would say !



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Article by Kayla Vidot

Instagram // @iamkaylavee




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