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HG DAV Is Turning It Up with Single “Wilder”

          Emerging from North East Bronx-241 Street is rising star Hg Dav (former member of the group Hunned Gang) with a new fire track called “Wilder”. Hg Dav has been working on perfecting his craft for four years and it’s shows thus far with the potential hit. Evidently, Hg Dav deserves a spot in the game as he says he “hears a beat and connects to it like the music is actually speaking to him”. In preparation for the new untitled Ep in the works “Wilder” unquestionably sets an impressive tone as to what we can expect. The beat for “Wilder” was found just scrolling on the internet looking for beats, this one obviously caught his ear, Dav says “ I wanted to make a vibe for summer, something you can turn up to, and the way this beat was made gave me a different vibe” which explains just how “Wilder” was cooked up on this banging beat and that substantiates his artistry! I’ve personally listened to the track several times and I must say, I love it also the fact that Hg Dav incorporated his clothing line WiLDeR Gene in the song which is exceptional cross promotion. When asked the meaning of Wilder Gene Dav says, “Wilder Gene is what’s inside of you, I have WILDER Gene bricks I do what I want I don’t care what anyone thinks. You might have a WILDER Gene for another reason, your probably unbroken nothing can bother you or your just a free person like Dav himself”.

Dav owes some of his influences to artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Lil Wayne & Kanye West. Although this is just the beginning for Hg Dav he’s eager to show the world his capabilities touring with former Group member Hg locks on two separate tours with Fetty Wap & Ugly God hes shown he’s here to stay. Check out his song “Wilder” on Sound Cloud and You Tube, also be on the look out for more drip from his clothing line “Wilder Gene”. 

Instagram: @HG_Dav


Written by: Khalimah Brown



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