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Squidnice Sheds Light on Trap Minimalism on, “For My Momma”

squidnice, for my momma

A go-to move in hip-hop, dedicating songs to your beloved mama will never go out of style.

Remember that video of Logic floating around the internets emphasizing how he thoroughly doesn’t “fuck with nobody”? It seems like rapper Squidnice picked up where Logic left off with his latest release, “For My Momma.” Produced by A Lau, the track explores a simple way of living, minimalistic if you will. In the trap, that is. An interesting juxtaposition conveyed via storytelling with adorable cover art to further tell the story. A telling quotable from the song, “I don’t want too many friends” is a signature statement of someone who’s got their head down working and focused on the greater goal ahead.

Listen to Squidnice’s latest track “For My Momma” below:

Words by Miz Kane ( @audiofashionLOUD )

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