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R&B Newcomer Ryan Teams Up with Billboard To Release His Debut Single, “Pull Up”

New York has seen its share of star power. The newest addition to the long list of New York greats is R&B artist Ryan. 

“Anywhere you are in the world, you can feel the presence of someone who’s from New York,”. He continues: “It’s a different type of confidence.”

Ryan displays charisma, wit, and fearlessness when it comes to wearing his heart on his sleeve. And it’s evident throughout his music.“Pull Up” has a rap feel to it but it still showcases his strong vocals & melodic delivery. Ryan points to today’s state of music as the reason why he creates the way he does: 

“I’m disappointed by the formulaic production that has consumed the airwaves today.” He continues , “It’s slowed-down beats with ‘90s samples and talking over the record—not even singing. It sounds dope…” He’s just anxious to bring back the sound he admires. “The Isleys, Usher, New Edition—they had stacks of harmonies and layers.”

It’s good to see young artists eagar to bring music back to its roots. You can Listen to Ryan’s single “Pull Up” here and you can also follow Ryan on Instagram. No doubt the Brooklyn lyricists has a bright future , Pull Up is only the beginning , His journey starts now and it’s based on the need of  Love. “I love being loved,” Ryan says. “And if you’re doing something that makes people feel good, you’re going to be loved. We’re all here to be special. Individuality is our gift.” And he’s ready to share his with the world.


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