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June 9, 2018
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June 11, 2018
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Qualhata Sits Down With Cheddar Jack During his Epic Affair featuring Hot97’s Hip Hop Mike & The MVMT’s ScottyTooFly & Many More

New MVMT’s Qualhata chops it up with Hip Hop A&R Cheddar Jack at his Epic Affair Event. The event was a heavyweight studded situation with artists like Zay The Prophet, Hip Hop Mike, Mike Ruga, DJ Tarzan and Fressh With 2(s). The venue was packed with people looking to network. Cheddar Jack talk about his meeting with co-owner of 300 entertainment and resect of Fetty Wap got him into the discovering of artists. He talks about liking all types of genres but his heart is with hip hop’s melodic artists like A Boogie, PNB Rock and Leeky Bandz. He hopes to have his own label within the next five years. Cheddar Jack wants his events to result in each person “to leave knowing two or more people that can help them with their journey.” He’s all about artist elevation and says that artists can hit him up on Instagram.

Check it out here:

Written by: @MinneeTellsItAll


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