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July 25, 2017
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PineappleCITI Talks Girls, Money and Music

Pineapple Citi’s from Newark, New Jersey- but represents for the whole state.  

The rapper, nicknamed for wearing her dreads in a bun, got into a severe car accident ten months ago and almost lost her life. Today, she has 5 screws in her foot. In short, the experience changed her life:  having dropped her album a month before the accident and it only pushed her to go harder.

A random barber hit her up to meet a producer.  Pineapple went out to Los Angeles to make music with the producer, and Clinton Sparks was there. He now represents her.  Spilled Pineapple’s second single features Dougie F.  Record labels began chasing Pineapple after her first single “Rose Colored” dropped.  So far she stays independent, though.  She will even re-release her album Spilled Pineapples with some outstanding hits.

Follow her @theyloveciti ⁃ Her “Rose Colored” video is out on Fader here.


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  1. Jersey coming strong 💪🏾 🎯💯

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