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October 1, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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GSR drops “Yikes” #CertifiedJerseyHeat

Garden State Representers, better known as GSR, has been buzzing along the southern parts of Jersey and gradually throughout the entire state–here’s why..

With rappers LoSkeem and Swishh making a two-of-a-kind duo–GSR has been electrifying the stages they bless with high-powered performances and catchy singles. Putting Sicklerville on the map, GSR has made a name for themselves, and have shown determination to push further than the state of New Jersey. Although GSR has always been a notable group when it comes to Jersey artists, the guys had taken time to perfect their sound and craft–coming back even harder this year. In 2017 alone, the pair has already shut down events in ATL, Philly, and Camden to say the least. Can we say rejuvenated? With newly released heat, “Yikes,” GSR continues to grow their fanbase–showing and proving that their sound is one that many may compare, but can not define. LoSkeem and Swishh are still putting on for Jersey and have always been true Garden State Representers. Keep giving us heat!

Follow GSR on all social media @GSRville @gsr_swishh @gsrlo_skeem

Click below to take a listen to “Yikes” available on Spotify and SoundCloud now. #CertifiedJerseyHeat


Amber Corrine
Amber Corrine
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