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(New Music) Gnoir: “Jone’s Burnt Wings”

Hailing from Atlanta, newcomer Gnoir unleashes ‘Jone’s Burnt Wings’.In the song, Gnoir confesses the magnitude of his deepest feelings for a love interest with lines such as: “I’m bad at love, but I’ll be good for you/ I’ll steal the f****** moon if I could just for you/ And I don’t wanna die, wanna live just for you/ Cause baby your my morphine, nicotine, light me up like kerosene (Burnt Wings). The record is produced by Truebeatzz and serves as the first single off of Gnoir’s upcoming project titled “dark boy don’t you cry”. Following ‘Burnt Wings‘ the song transitions into another track titled ‘Dial Jones’. During a conversation with Gnoir, he stated: “I always aim to make music for people to feel, not just listen to. I feel like the greatest songs of all time gets you in your feelings, that’s the best way I can put it. I just want the world to feel something real”. If this record is any indication of what the project consists of, Gnoir is one to keep an eye on going into 2019.


Check ‘Burnt Wings’ out here:

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Written by: Rique Walker @thefamousflyrique



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