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Florida’s Own KiDD Eazzyy Talks “Home Coming” and everything coming up!

The New Mvmt got a chance to sit and chat with two very talented young artist , Kiddeazzy and CokeCarl.

Interviewer, Khiry got to know them on a personal level, professionally and also picked their brains about what’s going on in the industry currently. Watch the video below to see more of what was discussed.

1. “Homecoming” is definitely a sexy track just in time for cuffing season, was that the plan when you dropped the record?

Honestly yeah tbh lol. I had been working on the record since maybe like early August and I was hoping to release it around college Homecoming season in October which also right in between that you have the Holidays as well to fit that “cuffing season” ora and provide a different sound and feel.

2. “Homecoming” is a dope mix between mature subject matter and a current sound, which is rare to accomplish; what albums did you grow up listening to?

Yeah, Homecoming is definitely to me one of my most generally relatable records I’ve done to date and probably my favorite thus far. I made it to where the fellas could relate and the women could relate and also to where it has that old school early 2000’s feel but on a modern level. I honestly listened to legitimately everything growing up. Specifically for this record I believe I was listening to a lot of Prince(Call My Name), ummm Fab, that Into You joint, and I believe Chris Brown’s album HOAF and Mario’ “Just A Friend.”

3. Your sound is very melodic, what albums did they grow up listening to?

It honestly took me a while to mold my sound and I’m still working on it tbh. I mainly listen to a lot of old school R&B and that Hip Hop/R&B I.e Fab, Nelly, K Camp, Ne-Yo, etc.

4. “Homecoming” honestly sounds like it could be the men answer record to Faith Evans hit, “Soon As I Get Home” was that your plan?

Naw to be keep it buck, when I’m the process of creating I never say “Damn I kinda want this record to sound like this artist’s record, or damn I want the track to vibe the same way as theirs did.” I feel like that takes away from ones personal creativity. I dig the Faith Evans cut tho fasho and it’s definitely a classic, but naw lol definitely was not intentionally planning to do that with this record but that’s a dope comparison and I’m humbled by that.

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