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December 17, 2018
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4 Questions With Brooklyn Artist MMB VELLI

1. What is the inspiration and main message behind this song?

Normally when I make music it’s a inspiration but with this particular song I just heard the beat and felt Ganked so that was the first word I said on the record but ultimately I guess you can say the energy was on some TayKeith shit ,but my lil cousin told me lt gives her sheck Wes vibes while some of the homies told me it gives drake vibes so I guess somewhere in between that could be my inspiration for this Record.As far as the underlining message This being my 1st single I heard the beat and was I gotta kick the door down so I put all my emotions on this hype ass beat and said f**k lt.

2. What does the word “Ganked” actually mean?

The Actual meaning to ganked is to take something, but my definition of Ganked is when you T’D up.

3. What was your creative process in recording this song?

My creative process ….Shit I heard the beat in my headphones 1st I’m like oh shit!Then I played lt out loud thru the speakers and just jumped around Ganked in the studio like OH SHIT! I started doing that blocboy JB dance like knowing I can’t dance lol but i was doing that and rapping at the same time an I felt so much positive energy so I’m like let blurt out how I feel on the mic just hit record.An I did that an I’ve been Ganked up ever since.That beat definitely brung lt out of me.

4. “Try your luck, I can’t trust a soul because niggas left me stuck” Do you feel that in today’s society it is harder to trust people? If so, why?

Shit, as far back as I can remember it’s been difficult to trust .A lot of people in history demise came from Someone they were comfortable with.So I just kept that with me knowing that someday I wanna be as impactful as these figures In history.Its just these days the snake tendencies are more transparent, but that particular line was a reference to me being in jail an I had no one there for me only the women who cared for me.Shit dudes I knew was tryna f**k on these women like it wasn’t millions of other women in the streets with them.So it’s like one of those things like don’t bro me because it really means a lot to me you can’t “Bro” me then be in my chick DMs so I don’t trust too easy.


Check out the Track here

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