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Our Favorite SugarTrapper: Rico Nasty Drops “Keylime OG” Visual

Sugar, spice, and everything Key Lime. Rico Nasty brings us another crazy visual for her latest single, “Keylime OG.”

I can admit that the sugar-trap goddess Rico Nasty has been around for a while now, but grew crazy attention when her smash-hit “Poppin” debuted on season 2 of HBO’s series, Insecure. The free spirited, colorful rapper has been making her own waves and really displaying something we haven’t seen before. Yes there are the Lil’  Yachtys and the Uzi Verts, but guess what? They are all male.

Rico Nasty is a female rapper who isn’t going the “sex appeal” route or the “baddest bitch” route. Rico is creating her own twist to trap music that is still very feminine but, hardcore. With the hype around her staple single, “Poppin” it has left many wondering what Tacobella is up to next. She drops high-energy projects, and can get a packed-to-capacity room full of women screaming they’re “a popping ass bitch.” Rico Nasty is a trendsetter and is exuding what we call “star power.” Dropping “Keylime OG” today, the sugar trap princess has proven that she is taking off, and most of us are late on her presumed stardom.

Lets watch “Keylime OG” together and get more familiar with Tacobella, aka Rico Nasty.

Rico Nasty’s music is streaming on all major platforms like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and more.

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Amber Corrine
Amber Corrine
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