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Artist Cyrus Smith Sits Down with The New MVMT

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia by way of his hometown, Los Angeles, California, comes multi-talented recording artist Cyrus. The youngest of three siblings, Cyrus knows how to make an artistic statement on and off the stage with his eclectic style and knack for originality. At the age of 17, he has his eye on conquering the music world by offering up his special brand of hip hop that shows no bounds.

Those who have worked with Cyrus in the industry already praise him for his willingness to learn and the relentless hard work he delivers behind every track he records. His sound can be described as edgy, but with clean vocals, but if you’re listening you’re sure to catch a vibe. Check out the interview with Cyrus as he talks about his latest ventures:

Royal: What is the collaboration with you and Sprayground?

Cyrus: I came out with this song called “Bagz”, even before then I guess Sprayground was kind of rocking with me because I guess they saw my page. I bought Sprayground bags and I posted it on my page, and they would like it. One time they had sent me bags about a year ago and ever since then we’ve been rocking together.

Royal: So tell me about you going to the Sprayground ‘House of Villans’ event and the experience of being there?

Cyrus: It’s definitely a new experience and they had a ton of stuff I liked. I met David and Mikey and they’re both really cool dudes. That was my first time meeting them in person and getting to know some of the backstory and some of what goes on and how he comes up with some of this insane stuff. I really liked it. I’ve never really been to a Pop-Up that I would stay at for like several hours.

Royal: As far as music, what’s going on with you musically?

Cyrus: Right now i’m working on a mixtape, it’s almost done. I’m going to be pushing that for the next month or 3. It’s called “Kid vs. The Forces of Evil”. It’s really gonna be lit. There’s a little bit of awareness in there but mostly music you can just turn up to.

Royal: Is there a single that’s already out from this or are you about to release a single from the project?

Cyrus: From the project I don’t but I was thinking about dropping this song that I just put on there it’s called “What’s Up”. I might just drop that as a single and then put it back on the mixtape.

Royal: Where are you originally from?

Cyrus: I’m from California. Inglewood, Los Angeles.

Royal: Tell me about how you came into music. What was your inspiration into being an artist?

Cyrus: My uncle taught me how to play the piano growing up. I was playing by ear but I learned how to read notes after playing guitar so I played acoustic, bass, and electric. So I thank my uncle for getting me started in music.

Royal: Do you have any advice for the kids out here that want to be rappers or artists?

Cyrus: Just be true to yourself. A lot of upcoming artists think that it’s cool to rap about drugs and killing people, like that makes you cool and that will get you noticed and that’s not the case. I would just say be yourself and the more true to yourself you will be then the more successful you will be.

Royal: What shows are coming up for you?

Cyrus: I actually just talked to Jacquees yesterday and we were talking about getting some tour dates going on. Nothings official yet but we were talking about it so that might be coming up.

Royal: How can people keep up with you and see your tour dates?

Cyrus: You can follow me at cyrussmithmusic on instagram, facebook, and twitter. I reply to people more on instagram. The link to my website is in my Instagram bio.

Watch Cyrus Smith’s video “Bagz” below and look out for his new mixtape ‘Kid vs. The Forces Of Evil’ dropping next week!


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