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Uncle Murda Pulls Up to Talk With DJ Drewski

Uncle Murda is now going by the sophisticated name of Lenny Grant, but the reckless mouth is still the same. “It’s Uncle Murda introducing Lenny Grant..”- Uncle Murda

U ncle Murda pulled up to The New MVMT re-introducing himself as Lenny Grant, but still disrespectful and still comedic about it. Brooklyn bred rapper Uncle Murda is not new to this game, even though it seems like he popped off 10 years ago with the co-sign of Jay Z. Murda has actually been doing this since the 1990’s. Priorly best-known for flooding the streets with consistent mix tapes, one including the recent ‘Yellow Tape’ with Maino–lately Uncle Murda has been crowned as the “Yearly Rap Up” king. 2016’s “Rap Up” was crazy and controversial enough–name dropping huge names from Rihanna to Drake, and in between.

But Rihanna ain’t rocking with Travi$/Somebody should’ve told him that she was a savage/He like “pick up the phone, baby, I know you home, baby”/It’s a dub, nigga, no more dates/She ain’t pick up the phone ’cause she was creeping with Drake/

Uncle Murda came through talking about his recent endeavors with G-Unit, fatherhood, upcoming movie with Bruce Willis, and slightly cleaning up his image, but not entirely. Giving us ‘Thot’ earlier this year featuring Brooklyn fam Young MA, Unc has recently recruited Dave East for new single ‘Tonight.’ It can also be noted that single “On and On” is the apology for the single “Thot,” according to Murda. With 3 weeks left of open opportunity in 2017, Uncle Murda is working on the release of the “2017 Rap Up,” ‘The Lenny Grant Story,’ and has been doing promo for present project titled  ‘Don’t Come Outside Vol.1’ housing features from Don Q, 50 Cent, Maino, Dave East, Young Dolph, to Jadakiss, plus more. Uncle Murda is definitely showing NY unity with this one, especially with the many senseless murders taking place over the recent years–Chinx’s murder being a home-hitting one for him. However, touching base a bit on infamous alledged “beef” with rapper Mad Skillz, (after Mad Skillz threw some shots at Uncle Murda with his own 2016 “Rap Up),” Murda talked about his attempt to “tenderize” the beef and keep it cool.

“I was actually trying to be cool with him, and kick it with him but he wanted to try and take little slick shots at me with his rap up, it’s whatever with Mad Skillz…shout out to him for starting it so I can take it….he can do his PG version and I’ll do my rated-r version, and we can co-exist.”

More focused on his family and his upcoming projects, Uncle Murda seems to not have much interest in any 2017 “rap up” rap beefs with anyone. For a little inspiration, Drewski threw out some of 2017’s most memorable moments and here’s what Uncle Murda ad-libbed about them..

Tell us what was 2017’s craziest moments that need to be address via social media @TheNewMVMT.

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