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Toronto’s Very Own GNA Discussed Her True Love For Music and Leaving her 9-5

Toronto’s own, GNA (Great Now Always)  is a young, talented artist that is making her music mark in New York City. She has worked with artists such as Tory Lanez, Kid Ink, Memphis Bleek, YG just to name a few. Behind her voice is a talented Executive Producer T-Nyce and Creative Agency Quiet as Kept. With over 13.6K followers on Instagram and 2.4K on Twitter, she is destined to be on top.

Check out our exclusive interview:

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How long have you been immersed into music?

“My entire life. But seriously it started when I was little and it really took off about 7 years ago. I starting building my niche and have been successful since.”

What is unique about you that you would say?

“I am all about feminism. I bring that to my music and the vibes you get from hearing it”

What moment in your career made you say “I made it and is living our my dream”?

“It had to be year 2017 because that was when  I was defining myself and it was like an upward shift from there. I was building a fan base and success. I also noticed my moment was when I was getting props from other female artists”

Describe your fashion sense/style.

“Very laid back with edge. I know sex sells but that’s not me. My style is definitely also swaggy & cool”

You have an upcoming project titled The Score, when does it release?

“Yes, it releases late summer. The inspiration came from my roots and mixed with Caribbean and Jamaican vibes. Also, my mom is Nigerian”

What is the reason you do music?

“I have a love for it and this is all that I do. I did not come from a family of musicians and vocalists, so I am the first”

How do you balance your music and personal life?

“I just do. All I do is music so it works out on its own. I quit my job 2 years ago and moved to New York to pursue my music. But spending time with family/friends is a bit difficult. I have to find times that can work for friends to hang out and things like that”

Check out GNA music here and follow her here.


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