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New Yorkers Show off their Skills at ‘America’s Got Talent’ Auditions

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Despite the cold weather, the tri-state area made their way to the Javits Center to shoot their shot at a chance to be on the long-running, NBC television show America’s Got Talent.

Recently [Dec 17], the televised talent show held their New York auditions looking for creative hopefuls of all different kinds to appear on their 13th season. From singers to magicians to impersonators, there was no shortage of skills in the house.

As they waited to perform for the judges, Miz Kane from got a chance to speak with some of the auditioning talent.

Kozmic Edge dance company (@kozmicedge) North Bergen, NJ


Kozmic Edge dance company, Photo: Jamiek Foster ( @_kingbrick1)

What makes you guys stand out?

What makes us stand out is the fact that we really incorporate our culture. We incorporate other cultures into our routines. We love to mix genres and styles and we love, first and foremost, to put on an entertaining production. We want everyone that is watching us to want to get up on their feet and dance with us. Not just watch; we want them to feel like it’s an interactive show that they’re going to be a part of and completely committed and fully emotionally into it.

How did your audition go?

It went well. It was good. Really fun. Energetic. I enjoyed being in front of them and seeing them smile. I think that’s the best part of performing. It was overall amazing

Were there any judges from the actual show?

No. I think it was the producers.

If you guys do make it into the competition officially, how do you guys plan to win it all?

“I would say by staying true to who we are as a company. I think no matter where we go, no matter how big the competition is, we do all kinds of competitions, conventions and no matter what, we still put on productions and fully commit to them. We just go full out no matter what we’re doing and I think on the show it will only enhance that. [We’ll] give our best every time and not underestimate the competition at all. Fully just go for it.”

“Also, every performance that we do, we surprise the audience. There’s always something new with Kozmic: new routines, new costumes, new look, new hairstyle. Everything. We’re different. We’re not like anyone else.”

Jassen Hensley (@iclearauras) Upstate, NY


Jassen Hensley, Photo: Jamiek Foster ( @_kingbrick1)

What is your talent?

My talent is singing.

How does clearing auras intertwine into that?

Well, I’m a reiki master and owner of ReikiBar in Wurtsboro, NY.  I love helping people relax naturally for a living. There’s nothing that scares me more than singing so finally I was like I just need to live my dream. I was inspired in 2013. I was in Miami and some medium came up to me and was like, “You need to sing and you have until your 29.” Lucky number: I’m 29. (laughs)

That sounds like why you would stand out, but when you perform, how does that incorporate into your performance?

I would say it keeps me at a calm and at a very balanced place where I can just sing from my soul and show my spirit. That’s all reiki’s about: it’s chi energy, it’s yourself, your true self. Like I said, nothing scares me more so why not?

Why do you think America’s Got Talent has lasted for 13 seasons so far?

Honestly? The viewers. Honestly, the talent. I’ve been encouraged by my grandmother for years: “You need to go to America’s Got Talent.” It was a spur of the moment thing for me coming here today. Last week, I seen my friend was like, “I’m gonna post it.” Then, I was like, “Let me audition.” You never know, you know? This may be just it. I’ve auditioned for American Idol; I was on the previous series before they ended and started over. I was on season, I believe it was 13, episode four. I’ve auditioned for X-Factor, The Voice, and you know what, this is another opportunity to showcase my dream and my talent.

Did you audition yet?

I have not auditioned yet. I just got here. I was supposed to be here at 8 a.m. With the traffic and the parking, I got here when I did and now I’m just waiting and I’m ready and I’m excited.

What are you anticipating to happen from this experience?

I anticipate taking the gold. That’s what I anticipate.

So, you plan on winning?

I do. I do.

If you win the whole competition, what do you plan on doing with your success? What’s your game plan?

My game plan is to give back: give back to my town, to my community. I feel we live in such an epidemic and people don’t have any guidance and that’s all I wanna do: I want to give it back! I just want to keep giving. I love life and I’ve been through so much not to be blessed and appreciated. I want to share my story with the world and let them know that they too have dreams and purpose.

Dominique (@its.chynelle) and Travey Blake (@travey_blake) Queens, NY


L to R: Dominique and Travey Blake, Photo: Jamiek Foster ( @_kingbrick1)

What’s your talent?

Travey Blake: We’re both vocalists.

Have you guys auditioned yet?

Travey Blake: Not yet. At all.

What makes you stand out?

Dominique: I think what makes me stand out is my personality and the way that I carry myself, like, I dress nice (laughs) I don’t know. My voice is really powerful so I think I’ll do really good in this competition and, just in general, I think that I have good stage presence.

Travey Blake: Same as her: my personality and the fact that I can dress. I write my own music. I’m not performing my own music today, but that actually helps me as well when it comes to learning how to control my voice and all that extra stuff. My little brother has autism so I’m singing for him and also my uncle who died. He was a singer before so that also pushes me, as well.

Why do you think America’s Got Talent has made it to 13 seasons so far?

Travey Blake: The fact that it’s open to different talents and not just strict on one.

Dominique: Yeah, same thing. A lot of competitions are like, it’s strictly one thing. So, when it’s open to other things, everybody from everywhere is going to want to show their talents in whatever way that they can…I also write my own music, I’m just gonna throw that out there. (laughs)

Do you guys write for other artists? 

Travey Blake: Yes, I do. I write for other underground artists to kind of put my name out there in terms of my little folder of connections and stuff, so yeah.

Words by: Miz Kane (@audiofashion)


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