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New MVMT Sits Down With Design Director of Fila Ro Gilbert

Fila has been a very well known clothing brand since 1911. It has been very influential in Sports around the world as well as being known as an Active brand, Sportswear brand and a Streetwear brand. Ro Gilbert is the Design Director of Fila and had some insightful information on Fila during our sit down with him.

Ro: I have been in the industry for some time. I have worked in sports wear, for companies like Hilfiger, I have worked in Urban, I have worked with Rocawear and have done some things with Phat Farm. I’ve been in the athletics and that’s where I sort of entered the industry first when I worked for a company called Starter back in the day. I have also worked with Reebok and Adidas so you can say i’ve done a few things. It’s been very exciting the past 6 months here with Fila. Fila had a ground breaking collaboration with the Italian brand Fendi, where we appeared on their runway during Fendi’s Milan Fashion week. This was a wonderful showcase for us as a brand. Fast forward a couple seasons, and now we’ve had our very own FILA runway show, this past Milan Fashion week.

A lot of kids have gravitated to Fila as of recently and it’s interesting because i’m old enough to remember when Fila was hot the first time around. In the 90s we were burning, today we’re on fire. It has it’s street cred. It has it’s own unique look and feel and I think people appreciate that. It’s always good when you can tell sort of a headwear to footwear story. We just won footwear of the year. 

Royal: What are the highest selling items of Fila as far as what’s the most popular? 

Ro: There’s so many. That’s the beauty of Fila is that we create so many things that allow the end user to create and cultivate their own story. 

Royal: What collaborations are in store for the future of Fila? 

Ro: We have a collaboration that we’re doing with Disney Villains. They’re always collaborations that we’re doing with Foot Locker. Foot Locker here in the states but also Foot Locker Europe. The popularity of Fila sort of started in Europe. This most recent wave. Those are some of the big and exciting collaborations that are happening at this time. 

Royal: Is there anything else that you think people should know? 

Ro: I think that one of the sweet spots of Fila is that where it’s positioned is perfectly situated between active, sportswear and streetwear. So it’s in the perfect zone. We can essentially pull from either of those areas and be legitimate in them and that’s what we’ve done. We’ve looked to tell the stories because there’s so many stories to be told under Fila. With that said, I think we’ve not yet began to broach the completion. We’re still just beginning to resurface stories and reintroduce them so there’s lots of more excitement coming. 

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