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Interview With Lyrical Duo Daniel & Dante Grew

Twin lyrical  Duo Daniel & Dante Grew up with quite the passion for music. Whether it be playing drums, saxophone, piano, or just free-styling, their creativity always flourished.

Though it wasn’t until February, 2018. that the two decided to really take music to the next level. starting with the song “So What “ a catchy single that propelled the two allowing them to really grow their fan base.

With that being said, the two are back at again this week with the visuals for the track check out the video and a brief interview below!

Your song “So What” you talk very Nonchalant about doing what you like to do. Do you often get criticized by others on doing things that you enjoy?

All of the time but there will always be people who discourage you when your doing well . If I’m doing what makes me happy and living my life the way I want , Nothing else matters . So I phase away the negativity. So that’s where the “So What “ title comes into play because when you don’t care what people think you seek the potential in yourself . everyone’s life is different So What ? You got to be living your BEST life. be happy and care less what people think because getting money is the motive.

How did this record come about? What’s the backstory on why you decided to come up with the concept of this song? Or did you just freestyle?

Me and my brother are college students. As every college student knows, that comes with a lot of hardships. We come to realize that college in a way was the opus to judgement and haters. The smoking and drinking, is like a therapy for us. We chose not to care with the biases that comes along with it.We don’t care what people think as long as we embrace the positivity and doing what makes us happy, getting money , staying focused and of course working on our talent .
When you Have a lot on your shoulders and you doing shit to make everyone one else happy you start to loose your own happiness along the way . Do you no matter what .


What’s are your top 3 things that you say “So What?” about?

“When I spend money on designer fashion theirs people that say you shouldn’t spend so much money on clothes. We some swaggy Twins and our fashion is part of our lifestyle”
– “when I go to class high & teachers look at me because they smell the loud”
– “When I got to cut a bitch off for being annoying”


What projects should we expect from you next?

You can expect an upcoming mixtape titled “double up” which speaks about the twin life and some personal life experiences of what we went through. You can also expect to learn more about us and our personality.


Post by: Brian D.

Interview by: Jocelyn R.

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