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Interview: RGF Productions/Aggressive Marketing Group CEO Danny Su Griffin

We were able to get an exclusive interview with RGF Productions CEO and Aggressive Marketing Group CEO Danny Su Griffin. He talked about his start in music , his role in RGF , how he knew he had a special artist in Fetty Wap and much more.

Danny made it known that RGF Is into making history and as long as they are in the game that’s what they will continue to do. Speaking on the new Fetty Wap video for he says: I am proud of the way it came out, its new direction for Fetty being that the song itself is a different style than his other music and the video also is different from many of the videos he has done.

Danny Su grew up in Paterson and started at 14 around the same time that he lost his father. He started music with what he said were knock off turn tables and the one song he remembers starting with was Sucka Mc’s by Run DMC. When asked about the motivation behind starting his own label he explained there was a bad experience over at MCA that made him want to start something of his own. When asked about the difficulty of starting his own label he said it was not hard to start up the label because everyone involved believed in the vision and once they got everything running it was up from there. When first speaking to Fetty Wap he saw himself, he knew that Fetty had the whole package and would deliver on anything he put his hand on. Safe to say Danny Su was right, Fetty Wap has been the most successful artist coming out of Jersey in the past 4 years. He made history with his songs “Again”, “My Way”, “Trap Queen” and “679” featuring Remy Boy Monty being the first 4 consecutive songs to chart in the Billboard Top 10 simultaneously.

Many artists as well as CEO’s like to venture into many things other than music. RGF Artist M80 has an Edible Cannabis Product called M80’s , Fetty Wap and Monty have a clothing line and I also brought up Diddy starting his own liquor product with Ciroc and also opening a new charter school. When asked if he would be interested in doing things other than music he said: “I came up doing many things as well as music, I had a label called Smoke Records which was run with my Partner Jamal Lewis and I also ran a clothing company myself. It’s very important to have other things going other than just music alone it’s always good to come up in many different ways.”

RGF in the past two years has been the hardest working label in New Jersey. Tapia just signed a deal , Guwii Kids locked in a feature with Fetty Wap and Oskama for their hit song “In the Kitchen” and RGF also has a talented Rnb singer on the roster in Biousha, who has a very bright future in the music business.

Tapia makes music which some would label punk rap and he recently signed a deal with 300. Tapia was already creating his own lane being that he doesn’t make music like many other artists in New Jersey. Even before the deal Tap was a hard worker and after the deal he has locked himself in his home to create more music. His work ethic was strong before deal and after it just propelled the speed and manner in which he approached his work.

“In The Kitchen”by Guwii Kids was one of the most popular drops from RGF last summer. The song got even bigger when label mates Oskama and Fetty Wap got together for the remix. Usually Danny Su & Nitt The Gritt make the executive decisions but the label is like a close knit family , the artists are allowed to arrange features among themselves.

Biousha is another very talented artist RGF has on their roster. She is an R&B Singer from Tampa Florida who cant be compared to many other artists in the game today. Danny stressed that she is in a league of her own. Her ambition and talent are different than other artists. They knew about her Fetty Wap cover and were able to sign her after speaking with her at a show in Tampa.

Being the CEO for the company that pushes Fetty Wap I had to ask for his personal top 5 Fetty Songs were. He pointed me toward some of the unreleased tracks and told me he has faith in Fetty and believes in the vision. It’s not about one song being better it’s about having faith in the vision and direction the person is taking the art.

Most artists as well as executives that are based in New Jersey want to be where RGF & Fetty Wap are. I was able to ask if he thinks any other label or artist will be able to do what Fetty Wap and RGF have done for New Jersey. He stated: “RGF is into making history as long as we are still here we will continue to make history”. He also says “It’s possible , but we have already done so much it will be a game of catch up.”

We also felt it was important to get Danny’s input on Atlanta’s music scene and if he thinks Jersey can create the same atmosphere that Atlanta has. He agreed that Atlanta definitely has a flourishing music scene, a music mecca if you will and it has been for a while. RGF is creating the groundwork to start a music mecca in New Jersey , starting with Paterson. Danny says: “I will make sure of it”

Aside from being the CEO of RGF Productions Danny Su Griffin is also the CEO for Aggressive Marketing Group. When asked about the meaning behind the name he says: “It’s meant to signify the way we do things , aggressively. We only do things aggressively when it comes to any task.”

Connections in the game are very important, he says: “As an artist and executive are important , you must always build bridges and never burn bridges. You never know who can help you out along the way of your journey, never burn a bridge.” Danny Su was instrumental along with Nitt the Gritt in the Fetty Wap Deal with 300 , the Monty Warner Chapel publishing deal , Remy Boyz clothing line in Foot Action and the Bmg deal with NickeBeats the producer of the Smash Hit My Way. Danny Su Griffin let it be known that RGF is into making history and as long as they are still in the game that’s what they will continue to do. No doubt RGF is the biggest record label in New Jersey and it will be exciting to see what they have in store for the future. Monty Zoo 2 is now available on all platforms and King Zoo is set to drop this year as well.



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