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Exclusive Interview: Behind the Lyrics of Artist Roc Kartel

DC’s known for its artistry and Rapper Roc Kartel is a gem that is not to be played with. With the hidden talents and underground artist submersing the city, Kartel’s music is not shy to the Washingtonians. With over 30k views on YouTube, 6k followers on Instagram, and many hit singles, there is much more to know of this artist. Check out his music and our exclusive interview below:

Describe your background

“I am originally from P.G county, Maryland. I found my interest in music when I was 7 years old. My pops had a studio at his crib, my older brother & sister are both musicians also. That is how I got started”.

What inspires you to write lyrics?

“I just have a love for songwriting, it is something I am good at and it comes natural”.


Name 2 people whom you look up to.

“Jay-Z and Michael Jackson”

Name some ways you challenge your old self to be like your new self. Meaning, what is something you wish you could change from the past to be a better person today.

“Only thing I would change from the past it to have taken more risks and put myself out there more.”

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? Why? And does this affect you performing or to perform?

“I am a little bit of both but more so extrovert and I think it benefits my performance.”

What is your style of music?

“Hip Hop, pop-rap, and pop”

How does your music contrast to others?

“It is hard to really compare from my point of view, I’ll just say it is very different and unique but I will let the people categorize that.”

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