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4 Questions with Jo$e Rivera


1. What was the inspiration behind, “Mo Bamba? ” What does the song title mean?

Well I have to close friends that I work with closely named Marcus and Darryl. They suggested that I do a freestyle to a record that was on billboard. I heard my friend play the Mo Bamba record like a week earlier before I recorded it. I intended to do a Nas instrumental but they suggested I do something that could go viral. I saw that Mo Bamba was top 10 on billboard. Pulled up the instrumental and the rest was history.

2. What was your creative process in recording and writing this song?

The creative process was simple. Champagne, candles, and something on Netflix which I can’t remember lol. But I enjoy putting my self in space where I can clearly block out the world and think about what picture I want to paint to my fans.

3. Describe how you want your music to make listeners feel?

I want my fans to take away something from my music. Whether it’s a story or a punch line that they can connect to, or a delivery that is so well put together that they can actually believe what I’m saying and know it’s true. I want them to feel the words and the actions that goes with it.
4. “Finna resurrect the dead, finna bring the goat back. Running on the side line, feeling like I’m Bo Jack, exposing all the highs…” What exactly are your implying here?

The end part is actually “exposing all the lies from the trumps bring the hope back”
Finna resurrect the dead finna Bring the goat back – is me acknowledging the greats such as Biggie and PAC. I feel that there contribution to hip hop helped shape what hip hop is today. I’ve watched so many documentaries on biggie and PAC. I loved pacs delivery and how he mad the fans feel. Like when he said “fuck the bitch and the click you claim” you really felt that deep in your chest. That’s the delivery that I strive for. I always loved the punchlines and metaphors that biggie used. Those are the goats in my book.

Running on the side line feeling like I’m Bo Jack, exposing all the lies from the trumps bring the hope back: I’m a huge college football fan and it always excites me when I’m able to relate my life to the greats that lived. Bo Jackson is a top 10 college football player of all time. Anyone that has ever watched him play will agree with me. Now with things that are going on in today’s political world, I wanted to let the people know that I stand with them. Trump stands for hate and does not want to unite the people or make America a better place. I want my voice to be heard through out the political world and I want to be the voice that helps bring awareness and change to my community.



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