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August 2, 2017
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Dougie F Talks Big Sean, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Fresstyles to Destiny’s Child

Dougie F fresstyles to a Destiny’s Child beat and chops it up with Drewski.  Hit the jump for more…

Dougie F is living his dream.  He’s been in the top 40 and on tour with Travis Scott.   The tour was for The Weeknd, and Dougie got to open for Travis.  He traveled outside of the US for the first time and it was just Amazing opening up for them. He’s a visual learner so he feels like he appreciates giving the fans a great show with visuals and energy.   This opened a lot of doors.

After touring with Travis Scott, Dougie went on tour with Kyle.  They did a record together that has over a million streams called “Home Girl.”  He deleted everything off social media and everything on it has the color yellow in it to support his “Yellow Do Rag” single.  Yellow exudes confidence pride and hope.  Big Sean reached out and asked for one of Dougie’s yellow do rag- and now others are supporting it as well.

Dougie’s movement is called #Straglife.  Check out his live freestyle to the he wrote in the club on Saturday night.

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